Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Well just last week and from what I understand the last couple of weeks, a special event was going on across the country commemorating the 82nd anniversary of the old Route 66 Highway. Well dad (KU4ME) worked them all week. I had heard about it but hadn't had the time to go over and play due to the website work we've had going on these past couple weeks. Last weekend however I was able to go over and work a few of them. Even Robin (AJ4IJ) worked one of them even though she really wasn't wanting to. It was fun but I'm more happy to hear that with 2 or 3 minutes of the event, dad was able to get the last station he had been hunting. In total I think there were 19 stations, two of which were rovers in California. Well dad was able to get them and I think he's going to send off for the certificate.

That's it for the moment. We attended an all Hams picnic this past weekend and got to meet and visit with a lot of the Hams we speak to on a regular basis on 2 meters in the local area. I will be posting on that soon.

Until then 73 de AJ4JD,

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