Saturday, April 11, 2009

31 Flavors in 30 minutes

I am sitting here in the shack, getting ready to work the PSK 31 Flavors contest by the PODXS070 club. The noise isn't too bad and I've been able to copy a few stations just fine. I've got my macros set up and the power levels set and I'm ready. If anyone reads this blog of mine, come on down to 14.070 on 20 meters and say hi. I'll put you in my log and hopefully turn out some decent results, and if not, well that's okay too. I will enjoy all the contacts regardless. So with just about 30 minutes till the rolling start hits here...

I'll say best of 73. Good luck fellow contesters and good DX. See you on the waterfall.

Tim - AJ4JD

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