Sunday, May 18, 2008

HAM House part Deux

Well, it's official. We can now be considered HAM House II. You see my father in law (KU4ME) has this sign outside his house that is etched with the words HAM House and below it are three callsigns: (KU4ME, KF4SSI, and KE4TKH). Those calls represent him, his wife, and his daughter (My Wife). Well, as you may well know, and if you didn't know, well know you will, our daughter went and took her technician test and passed. At the ripe ol' age of 11 our daughter is now a HAM which makes all three of us in this house HAMs, and I'm thinking about getting a sign for our house and have put on it: HAM House II, and have our calls put on it as well. Of course I may wait until I pass the Extra and have my call changed to a 2x2. That way I won't have to have it redone like the one over at mom and dads will have to be once Robin gets her new call since she passed her Extra yesterday.
So with that, I will inform you all now, that we all passed and we now have 2 Extras, (Dad and Robin), 1 General (That's me), and 2 Technicians (Mom and Ashby). Additionally, we got our antenna up yesterday and we were on the air by the evening. WooHoo. Anyway, I guess the next goal is to get studying up for the Extra Exam and Robin is going to help mom upgrade to General. I think the rugrat will probably stay a tech for a while but that will all be up to her.
I reckon I will take some time to get some pictures ready for posting on here for our antenna that we put up yesterday so you can see what we ended up with. I still have to take a picture or two of our station as well. Once I have all that done, I will get them posted.

Until then, 73's to all.


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