Friday, May 16, 2008

Testing, Upgrades, and Antennas

Good morning folks. Just thought I would jot a few lines before I go let my brain absorb all the info I've consumed. I've been studying to upgrade to general class all week and really crammed it all in tonight by taking test after test on QRZed. I've taken at least 35 or so practice tests and finally got to where I was steadily passing them with high 80's and 90's with the occasional 100 here and there. Robin (KE4TKH), my wife, has been studying all week as well to upgrade to Extra. She has finally gotten to the point where she is passing her practice tests with 90's without having to look at the math formulas on paper. Finally, our daughter has gotten to the point where she should breeze through the technician exam without any problem.
Anyway, my brain is finally tired, well has been tired, and I'm about to sign off for the night. We have finally gotten in all the components to put up our 2M/440 antenna tomorrow, well that all depends really. We are still waiting on more thing to get here and it's possible that it might show up in the mail tomorrow which will be excellent. We only lack the split nuts for attaching the ground wire to the grounding rods. Once those show up we will be diligently working on getting the antenna up and the rig ready for communicating.
So ladies, be ready to hear Robin on the net from somewhere other than the car.

That's all I got for now. 73's and wish us all luck tomorrow.


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