Monday, May 19, 2008

Hoisting the 2meter Vertical

I thought I would post the pictures from our antenna project.The brackets to hold the antenna were mounted.

KF4SSI holds down the chair while KU4ME reads the instructions.

AJ4IJ (formerly KE4TKH) and KU4ME looked perplexed.

The Beast before the raising.

The Beast in the Air

We always forget something.
AJ4IJ putting on the radials.

Tough work for KU4ME and KF4SSI holding up the antenna.

KJ4EGJ Sittin' Pretty.

AJ4IJ with the drill, Look OUT!!!

AJ4IJ mounting the lightning arrestor.

KJ4DLD Patchin a hole.

Well That was all of it.
Here is one last look of the final product.

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Sai said...

Very good info. Keep posting the good work.........73 c u someday on air.